Dining Room

Another raining day here in central Pennsylvania.  All I can say is I'm thanksful it's not snow!! I'm just not ready to go there yet.
This is a picture of the dining room table under construction.  The wood is black walnut from a tree I played on as a little girl at my great-grandma Gerhard's house.  I'm guessing the tree is close to 90 years old, could be older.  I had a very hard time trying to decide what kind of legs or base I wanted for this table.  It's very heavy and needed a strong base, not to mention that it's 7' long and 4' wide.  I wanted a large table so that when my children are home for holiday meals everyone can sit at the same table.  10 fit comfortably around the table, but you can squeeze in 12.  Of course, if you put little people at the table you could go up to 14, but for that I need to find a long bench.
I know it looks a little funky right now, but just wait.  The best is coming.  Oh and I left all the holes, knots and curved edges just to give it some character.

It looks so beautiful!  And I always tell the story about playing on the tree with black snakes living in the large knot on one of the larger branches!  My kids love it, because I usually say snakes are only good for three things, boots, belts and purses!!
Once the dining room is completed, I will show more pictures of the table and all of its surroundings.  This picture shows when the table was completed and put in the room so that we could have a family dinner.

Have a great Friday, it's the weekend!!



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