Heap of Change Challenge... And we're off!

As I sit here and peruse all the blogs that I follow, I came across one that really encouraged me to get started, I mean really started, blogging.  Funky Junk Interiors.  Have you seen Donna's junk? And I thought I had a mess!  She has got me beat in that department for sure. 
 She has a new post up today called, "Heap of Change challenge.... and we're off!"  

In other words clean up, throw out, reuse, and organize.  
Yep, I need to do that for sure.

So I'm taking her challenge, and I'm going to clean up, throw out, reuse and organize my home office.  The biggest reason for the change for me, is because I work as a federal railroad safety inspector and I'm based out of my home.  When I come home at the end of the day I usually have several reports to do, emails to answer, and numerous other things.  Organizing and cleaning out the junk will definitely help me with my regular job.

Here are some before pictures of my mess!  Wish me luck!

There is stuff everywhere!  Pool balls on the shelf from my Dad's old pool table.  Christmas wrapping paper in the corner. Even jars of money!  Not much money, but maybe enough to buy some more junk for the walls!  

As you can see it has become quite the dumping ground.

That plastic bag is loaded with table cloths that I gave to my DIL, but they came back because they are too small for her table.  
They are going in the donate pile for sure.
With that said I will spend the next week sorting, making piles,  and reusing things in my home office.  


  1. It's awful when a room becomes a dumping ground. We don't have much of that going on here, but I have decided to rid myself of craft supplies that no longer interest me. So, that's my challenge. We are doing some hard work, you and I, and I think we will succeed at what we set out to do. Cheers to moving forward!

  2. So glad you have joined the challenge, can't wait to see the progress this upcoming week! It is good that you already KNOW you are donating some of it! Thanks for linking up!


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