Heap of Change Challenge - Day 2

As I sit here in my home office I look around at the mess I have.  I haven't moved anything out of the room yet.  Waiting for Saturday morning for all the confusion to set in.  I will empty the room completely, and do one of those old fashion spring/fall house cleanings like mom used to do.

You know the one.  Where you wipe down the walls, baseboard, clean the windows, wash everything in sight so that it all smells brand new.  Even though it's the same old stuff.

That's my plan for tomorrow!

Today I'm going to show the chair I redid with a beautiful cow hide from Brazil that I purchased several years ago on Amazon.

Here's a mid stream picture.  Forget to take pictures before I started.
I actually have two of these chairs.  I found them both at the curb of house that had been foreclosed
 on.  There was a huge pile of junk there and my DIL and I went rummaging through the items and I found these chairs.

And the finished chair.  

It is currently sitting in my office because I'm just not sure where I want it's final resting place to be.
I do have to say that my 3 year grandson Wyatt, LOVES to pet the chair.
Calls it "Grandma's cow"!  



  1. I thought I saw that chair in the office! I know it takes time to gear up for the challenge. Best wishes!


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