Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know I did.  My great niece - Miss Avery turned one!  My nephew and wife had a wonderful party for the little darling.  Of course this great aunt went without a camera, because for some reason I just didn't think I needed one. Not sure what I was thinking.  Fortunately my sister as a ton of pictures and I will get some from her.

More progress on the dining room.  Walls are painted and so is the trim.  Working on getting the trim installed after the floor as several coats of varnish.
Very excited that things are slowing coming together with the flooring.  So far I think this is the hardest part about remodeling.  Only because my husband and I could not agree on what type of floor, hardwood or carpet, maybe tile.  I knew carpet was out because we have had that and I was tired of cleaning up food spills on the carpet.  Wood or tile would be much easier to keep clean, dust, mop and dry!  Game over.  If I would have left him decide you would be looking at tile, but I won the battle and got the hardwood!!
Here is another project that we did a while ago.  I will find a place of honor in my dining room.  Right now I only have before pictures, but believe me when it was finished it was beautiful!  This is a butcher block cut from a chestnut tree in the late 1800's by my great-great-grandfather on his farm.  My cows and hogs met there demise on this block.  My dad, who will turn 81 in December told me that he remembers standing on a wooden box as a very young boy learning to cut lard at this table.  As he became more skilled with a knife he was given more jobs during the butchering process.  All were learned on this block.
The stain in the middle is from years of piling cut up meat.  I've got to say it doesn't look very promising but it really turned out beautiful after scrubbing it with bleach and several costs of linseed oil.  Then it took three good men to carry it into the house because it weighs close to 200 lbs and has small legs to stand on.

The finished butcher block! 

Happy Tuesday!



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