Sunday morning confusion.

Patiently we are awaiting arrival of Sandy.  I have gotten things put away the best that I can and hope that she is kind to us.  I'm thinking that is not going to happen - so sorry East Coast.  We could get anywhere from 3-6-10" of rain!  How's that for a weather forecast for you? 

My grandson Wyatt is here with me, while his mom is working and daddy on his way home from deer hunting.  Grandpa, well he got up early and went to work also. Oh and Cocoa is here, the chocolate lab - my grand dog!  Wyatt is patiently sitting next to Cocoa's bowl of food stirring it for her while she eats around his little hand.  Neither one really seem to care. So I run to get the camera because this is truly a Kodak moment.  Retrieve one Nikon with dead battery, check.  OK where is the cell phone, oh yeah, I forgot to charge that over night, 2nd dead battery. 

Well, I guess you are just going to have to imagine a 15 month old curly headed little boy sitting on the floor next to the food bowl of his 85 lb chocolate lab stirring her food for her!  It really was cute.

Have a great day and East Coast folks hope everyone is ready for Sandy's visit!


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