I've taken the plunge!

I am taken the plunge!

That's right, I'm plunging head first into the Flea market world.  
I've gathered my items, made a few things, painted, scrubbed and sanded.

I've even cleaned out a couple of things from the basement!  (That felt good)

The before is really in sad shape.  Dirty, tired, and just plan out of sorts so to speak.

But with a little help from a stripper!

She cleaned up, but not really the way I was hoping.

SO, out came the paint and she was given a fresh new look.  New old knobs, oil on the top and drawer along with Annie Sloan paint and wax.

She's looking so much better!

See you at the Harrisburg Flea, March 4th, Strawberry Square.

If all goes well I'll be back for the April Market being held outside at the Uptown Cinema parking lot.


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