Happy New Year 2017!

Been gone since - well I can't remember it's been so long!  

Starting fresh in 2017 with new DIY projects, planning, my puppy and moving forward with new places and things in my life.

2017 is going to be a great year.  
Moving towards a more minimalists life style.  Goal this year is to rid my home of 2017 things!  

That's like 168.08 things in a month or 5.52 things a day!  
5.52 objects a day is far more doable.  
So, since this is January 2, 2017, I must throw out 11.04 objects today.  
That should be easy, right?  I think I have that many magazines just laying around the house.

I have a few more than 11.04 magazines here, but it's a start!  Looking forward to clearing out the junk unused items in my home.  I know that it will feel good to clean out.  

Off to find more stuff to let go of! Have a wonderful day and stay warm!!


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